Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday post

I just turned the sharp corner of 28 years - thanks a LOT for the presents :D

Here in Mexico, Laura and her family prepared a nice weekend, since August 30 was the birthday of Pepe, her younger brother. We rented a small room at a "weekend resort" with swimmingpools etc. Here we had some nice food, went swimming, and then later more family arrived and we had some beers and talked.

Sunday morning I got a present from Laura (yeeehaaaa - Wii Sports Resort!!) and we ate some birthday cake all of us. It was all in all a really nice and relaxing weekend, and great fun.

Monday I went back to work, and did not have big expectations of anything. At one point, the guards at the entrance to the Danisco plant called my office and told me I had to go there "ugently!". The picture is me with the basket Laura sent me - flowers, a balloon and various snacks!! What a girlfriend :D

Expect to see more of the last many months soon - I might do some of it the "easy" way and just link to some Picasa albums, but SOMETHING will happen for sure!

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Lazlo said...

Hah - somehow missed this one... Looks like a wonderful basket from a "silly girl" ;-)