Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Gzz-Rdz adventure

With the kick-off of the soon-to-be famous geocaching team "Gzz-Rdz", the mexican caches are trembling with fear!! As the motto of the eagle-eyed team goes: "coming soon for a cache near you!"

A trip to Zacatecas marked the first offical hunt, and after a short and steep learning curve,

and a long steep climb up the hill in the background - cerro de la Buffa,

The first cache was quickly under our belt :)

The long walk (and a LOT of sun) did take it's toll on the team, so here are the eerie, tired and sunburnt leftovers at dinner that night:


Anne said...

til lykke med jeres første cach - og tak for billeder.

Vivek Menon said...

Speak for yourself you haggard sun burt Dane. The lady is looking radiant as ever.:D ...and man I need to start a Geocaching team in India too. Send me the details of what I need to start please.BTW went paintballing with my brother over the weekend.