Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slow moves

Not a lot happening, but I guess this is worldwide since no other blog is being updated? Hmm, or might it be because too much is happening in DK?

I am going to move to my new house Wednesday, and look forward to a real house with a real kitchen and everything. It is even closer to Danfoss and has a big guy with hair between his teeth checking who is entering and leaving the premises ;)

Before the big sleepwalking episode I had a really amazing weekend in Zacatecas, and I hope to put up some pictures and text soon on this. My current problem is that I have no internet in my house, and I started using my personal computer and not my work computer for pictures - so I simply don't have them with me right now.

Zacatecas was the kick off of the Gzz-Rdz (Gonzalez-Rodriguez) geocaching team, and we managed to find 1 out of 3 caches there... :| On the way back we also managed to find one in the middle of nowhere - literaly! A highway through the desert, then 10 minutes on a small dirt track and then out of the car and search! Really cool cache :D

The last 2 weekends we have been geocaching here in MTY with the inclusion of Pepe on the team. First weekend we found 3 out of 5 and yesterday we went crazy and took 3 out of 3 - including a real magnetic nanocache found by Rdz! The plan is to go for a cache on top of the Cerro de la Silla - the big mountain working as the trademark of the city. The description is something like a 4 hour walk/climb, and we will look for a guide to get a save trip there. There is no date on this yet, but be sure there will be a story here after the big climb!

Apart from that, life and work is good here, and there is no lack of sun whatsoever!

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