Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oily waters + New land

Mexico has a really great thing to it - real beach resorts are never too far away :) A Friday afternoon in June, we took the car to Tampico, which is a 4-5 hours drive away. The city itself is maybe not the most interesting, it is heavily industrial - and not just your regular yada yada industry. It is full of Pemex refineries and general oil/petroleum business... smell horribly, and the ever-burning exhaust gases from the refining is not really too nice at night.
Ok, on to the good part - Tampico is at the beach, and as far as I saw there is no oil pollution! I was really happy to find a chair in the shade, as the Mexican sun can really give you a nice burn... At night we had to go out and chill down a little, all red in the faces...
Not too many photos from Tampico, but it was a really nice and relaxed weekend. The trip back was another story... I don't have any picture proof, but this story is true as Robin Hoods arrows.

We got stopped by the federales, the federal police. Normlly you should not get out of your car, but this cop was a little strange. He stopped me and the car in front for speeding. Then he went to the guy in front, and asked him to go to the police car. The guy got in, and in could see in the rear-view mirror that they were talking. The guy got out, went to his car for 10 seconds, then walked back to the police car with his fist tightly clenched... hmm?!?!?

The other car took off, and the cop came to our car. He asked me to get out and go to his car - not normal procedures... I went to his car, and we started the "talk now, or forewer shut your trap" conversation. Since I only had something like 10 pesos in cash, I told the cop that there was really nothing I could do and that he should write my name on his paper. He kept saying that if he wrote my name, there was no turning back. Then we started chit chatting, where did I work?, why was my spanish so good?, was that my girlfriend in my car? etc. In the end the cop told me to hurry up and leave and then he would let me go without a fine.
Laura was really angry with me, mostly because she never gets away "gratis" even from the normal traffic police - the transitos - while I managed to get away from the federales free of charge :) Hehehe

Ok, almost arriving back at MTY, we decided to go and look at a lot Laura was considering to buy. In Mexico, the government has started selling off areas of land, someone buys a chunk, then builds a few roads and makes sure there is electricity water etc. and then sells it off in smaller lots.
It is often in the middle of nowhere, and you need to use your imagination to see what it will become. In 5-10 years an area like this will probably be a small "parcelhuskvarter" in the middle of the vast Mexican praries.We didn't buy anything yet (not in CancĂșn either... sorry), but we are discussing it. Building a small house is not so expensive in Mexico, so it could be a nice base to have if we move to Denmark for a while. Something of ours to come home to in Mexico.

It first I was a little sceptical with the strange piece of land in the middle of nowhere with a few trees scattered around, but the idea really start to grow on me :D

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